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4th Grade Teamletter



Dear Parents,


Hello all!  The year is flying by, and we are busy learning many new things.  In reading we are learning about coral reefs, in math we are learning how to multiply 2 and 3 digit numbers, and in social studies we began a unit on the South.

We have been doing Mastering Math Facts (multiplication facts) since the beginning of school. Some students are struggling with this. Please practice facts so this will come easily for them. They need to know the facts quickly and this will help for future math areas such as two-digit multiplication, which is our current math unit.

As a study skill enhancement, we are allowing students to correct poorly completed assignments.  Grades below a 75% can be corrected and turned back in for up to a 75% C for a grade.  This is only for the first semester. Come second semester the first grade stands. Please reinforce with your child not to rush and to check over their work.

Our second semester book reports have been assigned. You should have seen a paper with the cereal book report directions on one side and the rubric to follow on the back. These are due December 11th and will count as a test grade for Reading and Language.

Keep an eye out for information coming soon about our Christmas party and 2nd Quarter No Demerit Party!

Technology/Mrs. Thomas:  This week students practiced keyboarding using Typing Club and started working on putting tables into Word documents. Here is my website where students can go to practice keyboarding at home or access a variety of other web links that we use during school - http://protopage.com/portatech#Untitled/4th_grade. The goal for 4th grade is 20wpm by the end of the year. I can tell which students are really putting in extra time and effort on mastering their skills as it shows in the assessment. Keyboarding is a lifelong skill that students need to become proficient at and the only way to do it is by practicing. Next week we will be continuing to practice keyboarding and use Excel spreadsheets to create Thanksgiving pictures.


>>Dates to remember:

 Nov. 24- 4R & 4C Location Quiz

Nov. 25- 4H and Mrs. Rudd’s Location Quiz

Nov. 26- 4H, 4C, and 4R Math Test

 Nov. 26 – 2:00 Dismissal

Nov. 27-30 – Thanksgiving Break

Dec. 11 – Book Report due


Mrs. Conklin, Mrs. Howard, Ms. Reed, & Mrs. Rudd

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