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4th Grade Teamletter



Dear Families,


WOW! How the time has flown!  Our first full week is almost done, and we have sure been busy.  We have begun our unit on place value in math, we are reading the novel Stone Fox and will watch the movie this week in reading, and science finds us discovering the many tools we will be using this coming year.

As a 4th grade study skill enhancement, we are allowing students to correct poorly completed assignments.  Grades below a 75% can be corrected and turned back in for up to a 75% C for a grade.  However, students who turn in assignments without a name will have 5 percentage points taken off the final assignment grade.  In Mrs. Howard’s class (only), the students have numbers that correspond to their mailboxes.  If they turn in papers without their numbers, they will lose another 5 percentage points.  Late homework assignments will be accepted but will receive a 10-point decrease.  Late work will be accepted up to one day late.

Planners are very important tools for 4th grade students.  Students are to write ALL assignments in their planners.  Teachers may also write notes home in them.  We ask that you please sign them each night.  By signing the planners we know that you have made sure that your student has completed the night’s work.  Some of the students are having some trouble with homework completion already.  By checking planners nightly for work not done as well as any notes from the teachers will greatly help with this.  Please contact your child’s teacher if you have any questions or concerns in this area.

This year homework folders are shiny blue.  Inside there are two pockets.  One is labeled “return to school.”  This is where homework should be placed, both before and after it is completed.  The other is labeled “keep at home.”  This is where newsletters, graded papers, and other miscellaneous papers will be kept.  The back outside pocket is often used to keep the week’s spelling list.  Several of the teachers insist on the list being kept there so that students have their list with them at all times.  Organization is a big part of 4th grade, and the homework folder and the planner are important tools for this.  This is a big year for growth in independence, responsibility, and problem-solving skills for your student, and the homework folder and planner assist them with this growth process.

Throughout the school year we all work very hard to obey the R.E.S.P.E.C.T. code.  Part of this is learning to keep our hands to ourselves and to be responsible students.  We realize this is a work in progress, but wanted to bring to your attention that this is, indeed, something we WILL be working on.

Technology/Mrs. Thomas: This year students are receiving 40 minutes of Tech each week instead of Art. In this class they will be learning how to utilize various tools, improve their keyboarding, and problem solve a variety of computer related issues. This week we discussed the parts of the computer.  Next week, Sept. 2-5th, we will be starting keyboarding and signing up for the problem board. More information about the problem board will be included next week.

>>Dates to remember: Sept. 1 – Labor Day NO SCHOOL                          

       Sept. 4 – School Pictures                                                     

       Sept. 4 - Open House 5:30-7:00                                   

       Sept. 8 – ALL 4th Graders  - Science Test                          


Mrs. Conklin, Mrs. Howard, Ms. Reed, Mrs. Rudd & Mrs. Masten

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