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PORTA Central: Grade Level Newsletters: 5th grade


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5th Grade Teamletter

April 17, 2014




Miss Reed:  This week in math, students learned how quadrilaterals are related to each other by doing a hierarchal activity. They also learned about line plots, line graphs, numerical patterns, and how to graph data. We ended the week discussing 3D figures. Next week, students will learn how to find the volume of a given figure, and they will be quizzed on Friday over our geometry unit.



Mrs. Ames: Students took a test over Chapter 13 today.  Next week we will do an in-class poster project on the planets, comets and asteroids, stars, galaxies, and space missions.  Thank you to everyone who donated Oreo cookies a week or so ago!  The students enjoyed completing a moon phase lab and then eating the cookies!

Mrs. Scaggs:  We will continue our work on our poster research project for most of next week.  Students have chosen a topic of interest that is in space that we did not have time to investigate.  Students are to provide POSTERBOARD for the project.  Have a great Easter and break.


Miss Reed:  This week students learned about Navajo Code Talkers and did a small activity to go along with this. They also read lesson 4 of our chapter, which focused on the aftermath of WWII. They spent one day learning about wartime technology, and then we started a mini-unit on the Holocaust. Next week we will do a poetry project dealing with the Holocaust, as well as learn how to read parallel time lines. We will be finishing up WWII with a project that will be introduced next Friday.

Mrs. Scaggs:  We will continue to work on our TIME magazine covers and articles about W.W. II.  The students choose topics that they did not know much about or wanted to learn more about.  These will be presented late next week.  Enjoy your time together.



Mrs. Throckmorton:  In class each day, we read or listen to a chapter of Number the Stars.  Then students have time to work on learning the vocabulary terms and answering the questions.  All year, we have been working on how to answer questions using evidence from the story, writing in complete sentences, and using proper spelling and grammar rules; therefore students are expected to have answers that reflect those skills.  Soon, we will be starting our World War II / Holocaust research.  Remember that the April reading project will be due on May 1.  Many students have already handed in this assignment.



Miss Reed and Mrs. Throckmorton:  We are celebrating National Poetry Month!  This week, we are using what we have learned about the elements of poetry.  Students were partnered up and wrote an original poem based on a theme that they chose from the hat.  We also learned about Haiku and concrete/shape poetry.  We’re still waiting for a great spring day to hold our “Poetry in the Park” event; students need to continue practicing their poem for fluency and expression.



Miss Reed and Mrs. Throckmorton:  Since this is a short week and we are doing a writing unit in language class, we have not had any spelling assignments.



Mrs. Thomas:  This week students continued practicing keyboarding and learned about creating graphs in spreadsheets. They also received a handout that is homework due next week on a variety of things that we have discussed throughout the year. They are to complete the Speak Geek homework as best they can and then I will go over the answers next week in class so they can study for a test the week of April 28th. Most of the answers can be found on my webpage under the Technology Sources tab. The homework grade will be based on their attempt to complete it, not necessarily how many they have correct.  Here is my website where students can go to practice keyboarding at home or access a variety of other web links that we use during school - http://protopage.com/portatech#Untitled/5th_grade. Next week we will continue practicing keyboarding, go through the Speak Geek homework, and continue to talk about spreadsheets.



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