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5th Grade Teamletter



Mr. Kelly:  We will be testing on Thursday, December 18th over unit 4 multiplication and division with decimals. Please continue to practice your multiplication facts over Christmas break.  We will be starting our fractions unit we when get back.



Ms. Scaggs:  As soon as a florist donates older flowers that they cannot use we will be dissecting flowers.  This is actually more interesting than you might think.  Students will identify male and female parts.  We will be checking to see which seeds germinate first and wrapping up Chapter 3.  The test over this Chapter will be Wednesday, December 17.  



Ms. Scaggs: We have covered most of Chapter 10, researched online about some famous Supreme Court cases and reviewed the Bill of Rights.  I have found an interactive Court on Scholastic.com; look under Celebrate Constitution Day.  I think you would enjoy it.  We will not use the site until next week.  Time is flying by.  They will complete a study guide over sections 3, 4, and 5 of Chapter 10.  We will not actually take a test over those sections.  

Mrs. Sullenger:  This week we discussed and played Pictionary over the Bill of Rights. We also discussed the challenges faced by our nation as the new government began. The chapter ten test will be Tuesday 12/16/14. After the students take the test we will do some activities over the Jeffersonian Period.



Mr. Kelly:  We will be testing over Pronouns on Wednesday, December 17th.  



Mrs. Carter: We are working on information projects connected to The Kid Who Ran for President. Students are researching their topic, organizing their information, creating a script, practicing, and then creating an iMovie to inform the class on their topic.

Mrs. Greger:  Students have finished reading The Kid who Ran for President.  They have handed in their extended responses and open book tests.  Now they are working in groups to create an informational movie. 



Mrs. Greger:  Students are finishing Unit 4- Pronouns in the textbook.  The Unit 4 test was today.  Next students will learn to write an argumentative essay.  They will write this in the form of a business letter.



Mrs. Thomas: https://ssl.gstatic.com/ui/v1/icons/mail/images/cleardot.gifThis week students practiced keyboarding using Online Keyboarding and learned how to do some very basic computer programming. The applications that they used can be found on my webpage. (Not all classes had tech this week due to practice for the band/choir concert.) Here is my website where students can go to practice keyboarding at home or access a variety of other web links that we use during school - http://protopage.com/portatech#Untitled/5th_grade. Next week we will be continuing to practice keyboarding and use our typing skills to create a picture from song titles.

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