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5th Grade Teamletter




Mr. Kelly:  We started our division unit.  Please keep practicing your multiplication facts.



Ms. Scaggs:  We have begun our mini forensics lab.  Students are investigating white substances, fingerprints and others.  There will be a crime next week that they will use evidence to solve!  We will begin Chapter 1 on cells, organs, and systems.  



Ms. Scaggs:  We have begun Chapter 8 pre-revolution events and have found it to be interesting reading.  Next week we will further explore events that began to pull the colonies together.  Students will create an anti acts poster.  The test over Chapter 8 will not be until the week of October 27.   

Mrs. Sullenger: This week we began discussing the events that led up to the Revolutionary War.  The students read several lessons in the book and made a “talking head” about one of the important figures of that time. Next week, we will continue to discuss this topic. The students will create a poster supporting/protesting one of the acts and will create a visual summary. 



Mr. Kelly:  We will be testing on verbs on Mon., Oct. 20th.



Mrs. Carter:  Students have created Presentations about their favorite job choice and they will present these on Friday for their final grade of the 1st quarter. They have done very well so far. Next week, we will begin a new novel, The Kid Who Ran for President. We will spend time learning about the Presidency and the Bill of Rights as we read this novel.

Mrs. Greger:  Students are working on presentations about jobs that they might like to have in the future.  They will present Friday.  Next students will read The Kid Who Ran for President.


Mrs. Greger:  Students are learning about verbs in Unit 3 of the textbook.  We have covered action verbs, linking verbs, main/helping verbs, direct objects and irregular verbs. The Unit 3 Test is scheduled for Monday.



Mrs. Thomas: This week students practiced keyboarding using Keyboarding Online for Kids and completed an activity using Google Earth where they had to determine two countries that major lines of latitude and longitude cross. They also took a keyboarding assessment to determine how much they have improved on their keyboarding since the first week of the quarter. The goal for 5th grade is 25wpm by the end of the year. I can tell which students are really putting in extra time and effort on mastering their skills as it shows in the assessment. Keyboarding is a lifelong skill that students need to become proficient at and the only way to do it is by practicing.   Any assignments that have not been completed can still be turned in by Friday, October 17th. I will grade them as late.  Here is my website where students can go to practice keyboarding at home or access a variety of other web links that we use during school - http://protopage.com/portatech#Untitled/5th_grade. Next week we will be continuing to practice keyboarding and creating a diagram that incorporates text and images.


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