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5th Grade Teamletter




Miss Reed:  This week in math, students did a review sheet on Monday, and began blueprints for their bridges on Tuesday. The rest of the week was spent on finalizing blueprints and the beginning stages of building their bridges. Today was our last day of switching classes, so students will just be working on their bridges in their own homeroom for the remainder of the year.  We had a great year in math this year!



Mrs. Ames:  We have ended our year with a discussion of genetics.  Today we finished up a genetics investigation making smiley faces with specific traits.  They are hanging on our lockers, so if you are in the building you can check them out!  For the rest of the school year, students will be building bridges in their homerooms, so we will not have Science class.  I have enjoyed having my 5th grade class this year!  See you next year. J

Mrs. Scaggs:  We will be doing the lab on genetics today, May 22.  This will wrap up our genetics unit.  I have asked that students bring several items to use during bridge building.  I am giving extra credit to students that bring in binder clips, wire clippers, and empty food boxes.  We will be making jigs for the trusses out of the food boxes.  We will be building bridges starting on Friday through May 30.  A formula will be used to determine the structural efficiency of each bridge. Each bridge must have a truss on it, must span 36 cm. and allow a wooden block to be placed at the center.  The block is 9x9 cm.  We will be testing the bridges after the track and field day, during the afternoon.  



Miss Reed:  This week, students discussed a few lessons from chapter 17, which focused on a number of topics dealing with modern-day America. We ended social studies for the year by talking about September 11.

Mrs. Scaggs:  We have finished our mini presentations on the Vietnam War and era. Some discussion of 9/11 has also taken place.  It has been a great year for me teaching this new subject. I have enjoyed the students’ work and effort.  



Mrs. Throckmorton:  This week, we read “Breaker’s Bridge”, a Chinese folk tale about an emperor who hired a clumsy man to build a bridge across a gorge.  We are also reading several trade books about bridges; students are taking ARP tests on all four selections.  The final day to take ARP tests will be May 30.



Miss Reed and Mrs. Throckmorton:  This week, our focus has been on bridge terminology.  Students have a list of bridge terms, and they are using the list for both their language and spelling activities.  In language, students defined the terms, and we discussed them in class referring to the demonstration Mrs. Scaggs had on Tuesday.  In spelling, we are using the terms and choosing three activities from the list to complete.  Everyone will take a spelling test first thing on Friday morning in the lunchroom.  After that, everyone will return to their homeroom classes to begin building their bridges!  It’s an exciting time for sure!



Mrs. Thomas:  This week students continued to practice keyboarding, took their final keyboarding timing for this year, and finished the spreadsheet activity on average, median, mode, count, max and min. Ask your child how they did on their timing; the goal for 5th grade by the end of the year is 20 wpm with at least 90% accuracy.

Here is my website where students can go to practice keyboarding at home or access a variety of other web links that we use during school - http://protopage.com/portatech#Untitled/5th_grade.  Practicing during the summer will only help them improve their speed and get them ready for next year.  Next week we will be keyboarding and taking an end of year assessment. It will cover the test we took a few weeks ago, spreadsheets and some other basics that we have talked about all year. If they feel they need to study they should go over any handouts that I have provided.


Special Notes:

  • We will be testing bridges after our Track and Field Day picnic on Monday, June 2.  Please plan to join us to see how hard your children have been working on their bridges.  Each team will be assigned a number, and that will determine the order of testing. 
  • Our auction for Money in the Bank will be held on Tuesday, June 3, our last day of school.  If your child has not already done so, please be sure that he/she brings in their prize (a new item worth $5….please refer to the red note sent home several weeks ago) as soon as possible.  Students who do not bring a prize will forfeit ½ of the amount of money left in his/her account on auction day.


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