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5th Grade Teamletter




Mrs. Scaggs:  We will be having a quiz next week over the moon phases.  We will get into stars and their evolution and other facts.  We will begin working on bridge designs around May 3.



Mrs. Scaggs:  We have enjoyed learning about important people in our early Civil Rights Movement.  We hope to cover the arms race, JFK, Vietnam and 9/11.

Mrs. Sullenger:  This week, we wrapped up our unit over WWII by discussing the Holocaust. The test over WWII will be tomorrow, Friday, April 29, 2016. Please make sure that your student studies; it will be the last test grade of the year. Due to limited time, I let the students vote on the final topics we will discuss. The winner is…..wars. Over the next couple of weeks, we will discuss the Cold War, Vietnam War, Korean War, Gulf War and 9/11.



Mrs. Carter:  Students are finishing the novel, Maniac Magee. This story follows Jeffery Magee through some exciting times as he tries to find his ‘home’.  Students will have a final project for this story next week. Genius Hour will also continue next week. Presentations will be given the week of May 9th.

Mrs. Greger:  Students are reading Maniac Magee by Jerry Spinelli.  Genius Hour presentations begin next Friday.



Mrs. Greger:  Students have finished learning about prepositions in Unit 7 of the text.  Now we are learning about poetry.  Students will write several kinds of poems and incorporate several literary techniques including personification, repetition, simile and metaphor.



Mrs. Thomas:  This week students worked on their keyboarding skills and finished the Assessment over all the topics they learned in Google Slides. Any time students want to practice their keyboarding or any skills we do during technology they can access my webpage at http://protopage.com/portatech#Untitled/5th_grade.  Next week we will be keyboarding and taking the End of Year 5th Grade Tech Assessment.

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