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5th Grade Teamletter




Ms. Scaggs:  We have just started our investigation of Space.   I hope you are able to see the moon over the next week.  There will be a quiz over the moon phases next week.  Congratulations to Amber Teimeyer, Chloe Cox, Elizabeth Bertram and Emily Justice for earning the top votes in our Conservation poster contest.  



Ms. Scaggs:  We learned quite a lot about December 7, with a national geographic site.  We will continue on with Chapter 15 and WWII next week.  The test will be the week of April 27.  

Mrs. Sullenger:  This week, we discussed how Americans were effected by WWII. The students planned meals for their families for a month using rationed food. We also discussed the Atom bombing and how it led to a victory for the Allied powers. Next week, we will discuss the Holocaust.



Mrs. Carter:  Students are working in partners to research leaders of the Civil Rights movements. Students will then create a flip-o-gram of their leader and an art project representing all of the leaders. We are learning about the Civil Rights movement in preparation for our next novel, Maniac Magee.



Mrs. Thomas:  This week students practiced keyboarding using Online Keyboarding and working on completing a Computer Problem/Situation handout. The purpose of the handout was to reinforce how to solve computer issues on their own. Here is my website where students can go to practice keyboarding at home or access a variety of other web links that we use during school - http://protopage.com/portatech#Untitled/5th_grade.  Next week they will continue keyboarding practice, take a timing, and start creating graphs in spreadsheets. Mrs. Thomas will be staying after school for Homework Help on Tuesday and Thursday of next week for anyone who wants or needs to stay after to work on Technology assignments.

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