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5th Grade Teamletter




Ms. Scaggs:  We have done a great job examining powders, studying fingerprints, and doing a little paper Chromatography.  Next week we will have a crime to solve, involving four suspects from each Science class. We will then begin Chapter 1 Cells and organization in the body.  



Mr. Hurie for Mrs. Sullenger:  Social studies students have concluded the unit on landforms and geographical features of the United States.  Next week the students start exploring the early history of the United States.  

Ms. Scaggs:  We have begun Chapter 8 on the Revolutionary War and have met George Washington.  There will be quite a few homework assignments next week.  



Mrs. Carter:  In connection to The Kid Who Ran for President students will be working on a jobs project next week. Students will now choose their top job, prepare a presentation, and then give a short presentation to the class about their chosen job.

Mrs. Greger:  Students have finished reading The Kid Who Ran for President. Now students are working on presentations about jobs that they might like to have in the future. 



Mrs. Greger: Students took a test over verbs from Unit 3 of the textbook last Friday.  Students are now learning about Tall Tales, a form of folklore that is unique to the United States.  Students will then write their own tall tale.



Mrs. Thomas:  This week students worked on their keyboarding skills, finished their outlines, and played keyboarding games.  Any time students want to practice their keyboarding or any skills we do during technology they can access my webpage at http://protopage.com/portatech#Untitled/5th_grade. Next week we will be keyboarding and working with Google Earth to locate cities and compare average temperatures. If you ever have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me either by phone at 632-7781 or email rthomas@porta202.org.

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