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5th Grade Teamletter




Mrs. Ames:  Students are working on division.  This week we have divided by 1 digit divisors, so next week we will move to 2 digit divisors.  Students are asked to show all their work on lined or graph paper to keep themselves organized.  In addition please have your child practice their multiplication facts at home throughout the week.



Mr. Kelly:  We will have a test over Ch. 6 on Friday, Nov. 4th.



Mrs. Sullenger:  This week we wrapped up our unit on Chapter 8 with the Chapter 8 Test scheduled for tomorrow 10/28/16. Next week, we will begin our discussion on Chapter 9 by discussing the writing of The Declaration of Independence and the split between the colonists (patriots vs. loyalists). Also, our Veteran’s Day project will be introduced on Mon., 10/31/16. Please discuss veteran choices with your student; if you are unable to think of a veteran, please have your child speak to me.



Mrs. Greger:  Students have finished reading The Kid Who Ran for President. Students will learn how to write an extended response to a question about the book. Then students will have the opportunity to research various careers. They will then create a slideshow about one particular job they are interested in.



Mrs. Greger:  This week’s spelling list comes from vocabulary from The Kid Who Ran for President. Students are learning about sentences in Unit 1 of the textbook.  Next we will learn about our National Parks and write about one.

Mr. Kelly:  We will have a test over Sentences on Tuesday, Nov. 1st.  Then we will start a research paper over National Parks.



Mrs. Thomas:  This week students worked on their keyboarding skills and started the next Slides assignment, Fun with Apps. Any time students want to practice their keyboarding or any skills we do during technology they can access my webpage at http://protopage.com/portatech#Untitled/5th_grade.  Next week we will be keyboarding and continue the Fun with Apps assignment.

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