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5th Grade Teamletter




Mr. Kelly:  We have started our Division Unit in Math.  The students seem to be understanding the process better than they did for Multiplication.  This is very good news.  They still need to practice their multiplication facts, because it will help them with their division work greatly.  We will be having a division test on Thursday, October 30th.



Ms. Scaggs:  We finished our Forensics/Crime scene work.  I think students enjoyed the challenge and did some thinking.  The class hamster did not actually die.  We will continue with Chapter 1 next week.  This is a big chapter and students need to keep all materials in the accordion folder until the Chapter 1 test.  Expect a quiz over cell parts next Thursday, October 30.  



Ms. Scaggs:  We will continue to cover Chapter 8, situations that led to the Revolutionary War.  I hope the test will be late next week, or probably early the week of November third.  They enjoyed our Acts simulation game and had some creative anti acts posters.   They can show you the posters online.   

Mrs. Sullenger:  This week the students did several activities to help them understand the concept of “no taxation without representation”.  We also discussed events leading up to the war and the Second Continental Congress.  Next week, we will finish the chapter and have the chapter eight test on Thursday, 10/30/14. Please remind your student to use their study guide to help them prepare.



Mr. Kelly:  We finished our Verbs Unit on Monday.  Now, we are talking about Tall Tales, showing examples of some, and eventually creating our own Tall Tale.



Mrs. Carter:  Students have been researching Ellis Island in preparation for a narrative letter they will write for an essay competition from the Daughters of the American Revolution. We will finish up our research next week and they will begin writing their letter in Language class. Later next week, we will begin a new novel, The Kid Who Ran for President. We will spend time learning about the Presidency and the Bill of Rights as we read this novel.

Mrs. Greger:  Students are learning about immigration in America through Ellis Island.  We have looked at videos and are reading information.  Students will then write a letter to a “cousin” telling about their experiences. This will be in Language.  Next students will read The Kid Who Ran for President.


Mrs. Greger:  Students took the verb test Tuesday.  Ask your child how he/she did on this test. Students are now learning about tall tales, a uniquely American form of folklore.  They will then write their own tall tale.



Mrs. Thomas: This week students practiced keyboarding using Keyboarding Online for Kids and created a diagram in Microsoft Word that included text and pictures. Here is my website where students can go to practice keyboarding at home or access a variety of other web links that we use during school - http://protopage.com/portatech#Untitled/5th_grade. The goal for 5th grade is 25wpm by the end of the year. I can tell which students are really putting in extra time and effort on mastering their skills as it shows in the assessment. Keyboarding is a lifelong skill that students need to become proficient at and the only way to do it is by practicing.  Next week we will be continuing to practice keyboarding, finish the diagram, and start on spreadsheets if time allows.


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