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5th Grade Teamletter




Mr. Kelly:  We will be testing on Unit 4 Decimals 1 on Tuesday the 25th.  Starting on Mon., Dec. 1st, we will be going over unit 4 decimals 2, which is multiplication and division of decimals.  So, please practice your multiplication facts.



Ms. Scaggs:  We did not progress with the systems and presentations as quickly as I thought. We will not have class this Friday due to the early dismissal.  We will present the last projects on Monday, take and clarify notes for the Quiz and take the Quiz over these systems next Tuesday.  The students asked if the quiz could be on Tuesday.



Ms. Scaggs:  The students do not know this yet but they will be given a take home test over Chapter 9 on Monday.  It will be due on Tuesday.  This will allow us to try a simulated Revolutionary War game next Tuesday and Wednesday.  Have a great Thanksgiving.

Mrs. Sullenger:  This week the students participated in a simulation game over the battles of the Revolutionary War. We finished the chapter today with a test over chapter nine. Next week, we will begin working on chapter ten.



Mr. Kelly:  The students are finishing their Ellis Island Letters, which are due Mon. the 24th.  Starting on Mon., Dec. 1st, we will begin the pronouns unit.



Mrs. Greger:  Students have begun to read The Kid who Ran for President.  They have a packet of questions to fill out for each section that they read.



Mrs. Greger:  Students are finishing Unit 1 in the textbook.  The Unit 1 test is Friday.  Next students will write their letters to their “cousins” about their trip to America through Ellis Island.  These will be due Monday.  There will be no spelling next week.  Happy Thanksgiving.



Mrs. Thomas: This week students practiced keyboarding using Keyboarding Online for Kids and finished working on spreadsheets using formulas to find average, median, mode, count, min and max values. Here is my website where students can go to practice keyboarding at home or access a variety of other web links that we use during school - http://protopage.com/portatech#Untitled/5th_grade. The goal for 5th grade is 25wpm by the end of the year. I can tell which students are really putting in extra time and effort on mastering their skills as it shows in the assessment. Keyboarding is a lifelong skill that students need to become proficient at and the only way to do it is by practicing. Next week we will be continuing to practice keyboarding and create a fun Thanksgiving poem.


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