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March 19, 2020 update--Grading of Home Assignments and Meal Pickup reminder.

With your first day of home learning under your belt we want to ensure you understand that “Student work completed during the mandated statewide school closure will not negatively impact a student’s grades or otherwise impact a student’s academic standing. As we do not yet know the full extent of the closure and want to minimize any negative effects on students, schools may allow student work to count during the closure only to increase a student’s academic standing.  We applaud your efforts and understand that many of you may be overwhelmed and frustrated with the current events.  We understand and hope you will reach out to your administrators if you have questions or concerns.  I am sure our team can ease your fears and help you get your important questions answered.  Please remember this was quite a shock to our staff here at PORTA as well and if the current closure is prolonged I am sure feedback from you will help us provide the best possible solutions to all of our problems.
Meal Pick-up Information:

ADJUSTED Times beginning March 19, 2020
Central --9am--11:00am
Oakford Town hall--9am-11:00am
Tallula Park/Grade School--9am-11am
Menard Electric--10:15-11:15
PORTA has started serving Breakfast and Lunch to those who wish to participate and will continue to offer meals M-F until March 30th.  The Meal program will be offered to all PORTA Families with Children under 18 in the household and those meals will be free.  Meals will be grab and go and will include a breakfast and lunch in each bag.
Meals will be prepared at PORTA Central and should be picked up there.  A drive up grab and go method will be used at PORTA Central.  While we prefer that meals are picked up at PORTA Central we also understand that not all families have the ability to travel to the school to gather meals. As such, we will travel to Oakford Town Hall and Tallula Grade School, NSPOA (Jellystone) and Menard Electric and pass out meals according to the schedule above.  In special circumstances we will deliver to households if that household will call their school office and ask for specific deliver instructions.
If you would like to participate in the free meal program please email lunch@porta202.org