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Continued Summer Meal Service!

The PORTA School District, in conjunction with Menard County Housing and volunteers from Oakford and Tallula will be offering continued summer meals service.  The current service Program will be extended until May 29th, with pickup for meals continuing from 9-11 begin picked up at Central, Tallula, Oakford, NSPOA camp ground and Menard Electric.  Beginning June 1, 2020 the new summer meal program will begin.  Pick-up times will continue to be 9-11 AM on Monday and Wednesday of each week.  Monday two lunches and breakfast meals will be provided and on Wednesday, three of each meal will be provided.  We hope to reduce the number of trips to collect meals so that it will be less of a burden on our participants.  Central School will be the main pickup point and we will also be delivering meals to the Oakford town hall and to the Park Pavilion across from the Tallula School house on Monday’s and Wednesday’s as well. 


Who can participate?  Anybody in the household 18 or under and/or are a current student in the PORTA Schools.


When are Pick-ups?  Beginning June 1, 2020, Monday and Wednesday of each week.  Multiple meals will be provided each day.


Do we have to qualify for Free/Reduced Lunch to participate?  No, all members in any house in the PORTA District who are current students or are 18 or under are qualified. 


Do we have to participate every day?  No, but it is much easier to maintain a meal count each delivery day if we have a fairly consistent usage by our participants.  We encourage families who have utilized the service up to this point to continue.


Can I pick-up meals for multiple families?  Yes, you can pick-up meals for multiple families if that takes the stress off of families.  Just let those who are volunteering know that you are helping other families in our district and we will help you out.


Why only Three locations for pick-up?  Since this is a free program the District will receive reimbursement from the National School Lunch Program for meals provided.  In order to provide these meals and insure the district does not deficit spend running the program meal delivery as it has been done in the past had to be reduced.


How long with the program run?  The program is scheduled to run from June 28- August 14, 2020.  If participation levels are reduced significantly the School District will reevaluate the program and make changes accordingly.