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July 25, 2020 Return to Learn Plan

We are pleased to provide a weekly message on our “Return to Learn” plan.  Last week we explained that we will have a backup plan for our Phase four “Return to Learn” portion, that included split weeks for our students, but our first choice is to start the year 5 days a week, full days and we continue to move forward with this plan.  So, in essence if all things stay the same we will begin on August 24th with students 5 days a week, under normal school times schedules. We will ask parents to self-certify each morning that their children are not exhibiting signs of Covid-19, we will also ask those who are able to transport their children to school to reduce overcrowding on our buses.  Classrooms will be socially distances to the best of our ability, lunches will take place in new and expanded areas and large group classes such as PE, Band and Choir will see alterations to make them more social distancing friendly.  Students and staff will be asked to wear a mask that is comfortable for them during this stage four “Return to Learn” plan.  While mask wearing is a state requirement, we understand there is some controversy over this mandate, and we hope that we can overcome issues that result from mask wearing.  We would encourage families to practice and model face-mask wearing between now and the beginning of the school term.  We would also encourage having fun with the process by purchasing masks that fit your personality, novelty masks or variations of traditional masks that are more comfortable for you and your children.
For those families who decide not to return to face-to-face learning in Stage 4, we will be offering remote learning in real time for our grades 3-12 students.  Students will access the live classroom, through google classroom and participate as if they were physically present. 
Grades K-2 are particularly difficult to plan for and so we have decided to utilize an online curriculum that is a home-school platform, making it easier for parents to offer a good educational experience to their young children. Additionally, we will be offering supplemental small group activities with our teaching and ParaPro staff to help parents through the teaching and learning process.  As we solidify our online choices and practices for our “return to learn” plan we will be reporting back to families.  While this is a summary of our plan the full plan can be found on our website at www.porta202.org
We do ask that parents be prepared to return to Stage 3 full remote learning, we will do our very best to prepare students and families early in the school year if we are able to meet face to face.  We also understand that this plan does not meet everyone’s needs but it does meet the majority of family’s personal needs. We will continue to tune our plan and take into consideration changes that take place between now and the start of the school year.  As we begin school we will monitor our communities local health issues along with our county health officials and make informed choices on when and if we need to alter our plans.

Things are changing daily and information I shared today may be different next week so please begin to take steps for the return of your students to in person learning by purchasing masks and reinforcing social distancing and hand washing.

​Registration for K-6 will take place at “Roots” on July 30 from noon to 7PM and on July 31 7AM to 11 AM. Registration packets will be mailed or arranged for pickup at the end the July 13th week or early in the week of the July 20th.
Families may pickup registration packets at PORTA Central beginning on Monday, July 20th from 9:00-11:00, Tuesday, July 21st from 4:00-6:00p.m. and Wednesday, July 22 from 9:00-11:00.  Parents will take packets home to fill out and then return them with fee payment on July 30 from Noon-7:00p.m. at Roots and also Friday, July 31 from 7:00-11:00a.m. at Roots.
Jr/Sr High registration packets will be mailed between July 17th and 24th and registration will be held at the Jr/Sr high on July 30 (noon to 7pm) and 31st (7am-11AM) for new students.