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One Last Informational Piece Prior to the First Day!! August 24, 2020

one final message prior to the start of the school year.  We are excited to start on Monday with our Group “A” Students who will also be in attendance on Tuesday, both days will be a full day of attendance.  Then we will gear up for our Group “B” students return to school on Thursday and Friday also for full days.  If you are in group “B” you will have no classroom expectations while Group “A” is in session on Monday and Tuesday and the same would hold true for Group “A” on Thursday and Friday while Group “B” is in session.  We are utilizing this first week to acclimate students to our plan and preparing them for remote learning as well.  Those students who are fully remote are being asked to attend an orientation on Wednesday August 26th from 9-10AM:  7-12 students will attend an orientation at the Jr/Sr High and 3-6 full remote students will attend orientation at PORTA Central.  We ask that 3rd-6thstudents be accompanied by on parent.


We have created a new link on the PORTA Website under “Forms and Documents” where you can find items that will help you understand our calendar, the first week of school, progression of events if students/staff are exposed to COVID, Return to Learn expectations, and how to access your Skyward Family page to complete the daily Covid screener. 

We will be asking each parent/guardian to complete the screener every day of the week, which includes those remote learning days, for all students.


Other items you may be wondering about:  What if I don’t have a computer?  Don’t worry, we will assign a computer to those who have no access at home.  We will make final determinations of your needs in the next week and assign a Chromebook to those students in need.


What if my internet is not adequate or I don’t have internet?  The district is collecting information on family’s connectivity and working to help them find solutions to their internet problems.  In some cases finding a provider that works well might be easily done, but in other cases we might need to be creative in how we find internet connectivity for your family.  Again, please contact your principal’s office if you have no internet or have concerns with your internet and we will help in some way to get you connected.


What will my Child’s Day Look Like? The truth is that at every grade level your child’s day might be somewhat different.  As students increase in age, we will have higher expectations of their abilities to work on line with our staff in real time.  The best way to determine what your child’s day will look like is to contact your teacher and/or principal.  Teachers, especially at the K-6, level have been making personal contacts with parents preparing them for the upcoming weeks and additional information will be sent through Classroom DOJO, Remind apps, district email and newsletters and website.  One consistent pattern across the district is that we are focused on keeping students socially distanced and wearing masks.


What about lunch? The school district is required to follow National School Lunch guidelines and as such students who qualify for free/reduced lunch may receive meals (Breakfast and Lunch) for free and reduced and those who are paid may also pay for those same meals.  We are required to track student usage daily and as such will provide meals to both in person learning students as well as remote students on a daily basis.  If your student is remotely learning and would like a meal we will ask that you contact your principal’s office and notify them of your choice or email lunch@porta202.org your preference and students names and grades.  During the first weeks of school we will ask parents of remote students who choose school meals to pick those meals up between 10 am and noon each day at their buildings.  As we move forward, we will investigate and develop a method of delivery for meals, especially if we are required to be fully remote.