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Full Remote Update!!

Good Afternoon,


As we begin a two week full remote period we would like to offer some additional information.  To begin we will ask that families continue to self-certify on a daily basis so that we can monitor symptomatic students and staff over the next two weeks. 

Tomorrow, Wednesday September 9th will be a normal full remote Wednesday for our students and as such should be in contact with their teachers for expectations for the day and then Thursday, Sept 10th will be a full remote learning day for students, they should be checking in with their teacher at the beginning of the school day and moving through their schedules as normal.  If students are in need of supplies, technology or textbooks please contact your Principal’s office to make arrangements to pick up those needed items.  The district will continue to provide lunches on a daily basis.  We ask that lunches be picked up between the hours of 10 AM and Noon at your schools location, if your students attend multiple schools you may pick up your meals at one site.  We will begin delivery on Monday Sept 14, so if you would like to participate in the meal program please email lunch@porta202.org, or complete our meal survey at this Link “Meal Survey” if you haven’t done so already.


Throughout this two week remote learning period, Athletic activities will continue as planned unless individual members on those programs are affected by COVID and protocol dictates closure of the activity. 


As far as COVID activity in the District we currently have 7 staff members; two of which are positive and 5 of which are being tested or are symptomatic at this time.  Of those staff members 6 are housed at Central and one at the Elementary.   From student standpoint we have zero positive cases, but we do have 19 students  (4 Jr/Sr High, 9 Central, 6 Elementary) who are quarantined at this time because they have not passed the daily screening or have been in contact with a known/suspected COVID case.  We have only learned of our first positive case this past Friday evening and all subsequent cases positive or symptomatic have occurred since Friday Evening.  If we believe you child was in contact with a COVID Positive Staff member or Student we have and will contact families individually so that we can maintain some sort of privacy for those affected by the case. 

Daily, we clean buildings and sanitize each building using special equipment during the evening hours.  In cases where we know we have suspected or positive cases we focus our attention to the spaces that person has occupied at school to insure we have sanitized our grounds for everyone’s safety.


We would like to note that cases we are seeing locally have nothing to do with festivities associated with Menard County this past weekend.  Unfortunately, our cases came unexpectedly even though our staff and students have been very vigilant about facemask wearing and social distancing.