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PORTA Moving to a Four Day In-person Model November 5, 2020

At our October 15th Board of Education meeting, the board voted to move to a 4-day return to in-person learning plan that will take affect November 5, 2020 for our Prek-12th grade students.  This plan will include in-person learning on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday with Wednesday remaining a remote learning day.  The school day will mirror our 2:00 PM dismissal schedules throughout the weeks that we remain on a four day in-person schedule.  Currently, at the 7-12 level, we expect to offer three options: a four day, a fully remote and an A/B option. For students in grades PreK-6, we expect to offer two options: fully remote and four day in-person. In the next week, your child’s building leadership and/or teacher will post information with building specific steps for communicating to us which learning option your family selects. When we have collected all of this pertinent information, we will make adjustments to classrooms. We want parents to be aware that in order to balance classrooms and provide remote learning, we may need to make changes to homeroom classes, but we will do our very best to minimize any of those changes. Throughout this process and over the next two weeks, we will provide you information through group messaging, individual contacts with teachers and through our media so that you and your families are aware of any impending changes. It is also important to know that beginning on November 5, 2020, as we enter our new four-day model, we will do our best to meet standards set for social distancing, ppe wearing, pre-screening and spacing of students while at school. However, we will not be able to maintain the social distancing standards that we have set in our current A/B Model.  We do not anticipate a disruption in our current transportation routes, but would ask parents who are able to transport their children on a daily basis. School meals will continue to be offered for free to all students and we anticipate no changes except the reintroduction of hot meals on a daily basis. We are excited to be offering more opportunities for in-person learning and will do our very best to continue providing a quality educational experience for our students.


Please note the following change to the school calendar-Monday, November 2rd will now be a planning day for teachers and students will not be in attendance.


As we move forward we ask that you help keep our students and staff safe by diligently monitoring your students’ and family’s health and report any symptoms that may be related to Covid.  We thank you for all your input, advice and attention to this learning plan change and look forward to continued team work as new and unexpected obstacles and challenges come our way.


Thank you.