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When to Quarantine? What Do You Need To Do and What Is The Latest Guidance?

Daily we are asked why we quarantine students? What are the indicators?  Who develops the rules we are following?  How do we know we are applying the rules as they were written?  School districts across the State of Illinois are looking to the Illinois Department of Public health and their own local Health departments for guidance on this pandemic and rules we are expected to follow. As you might expect the guidance we receive changes regularly as more is learned about this pandemic and as such consistency seems to be lacking at times when determining quarantine rules.  In general, the quarantine rules have been consistent and the majority of changes we have seen are clarifications of the rules as many might be administering those rules differently than the next community, causing confusion.  Today, we have provided links to the latest guidance on
"When to Quarantine" and "Covid-19 Exclusion Guidance".  We hope this will help everyone understand the steps we follow to implement our quarantine rules.  We have found on many occasions families are confused about who should stay home if someone in the household has tested positive or been in close contact with a potentially positive case. This information will help clear up matters.  We have also included this information on our Website under Forms and Documents".

Covid-19 Exclusion Guidance

When to Quarantine