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PORTA 7-12 Grade Returning to Full Remote Beginning November 16, with plans to return on November 30th.

News update about our current upswing in COVID related quarantining and positive cases in our community.  While the number of positive cases of COVID are relatively low in our district we are seeing increasing numbers of staff and students who are required to quarantine due to exposure to COVID cases.  We feel very comfortable that students and staff are doing what it takes to minimize the spread of the virus and in fact the overwhelming majority of issues we see originate outside our doors.  Unfortunately, the PORTA Jr/Sr High Staff has been especially hard hit and as a result we will return to full remote learning beginning Monday November 16th for the students in grades 7-12 and expect students to return to in person learning on November 30th.  We are choosing to begin full remote on Monday November 16th so that students and staff will have the opportunity to make any last minute adjustments on Friday so that they can be prepared for full remote on Monday.  Please note we are continuing in person learning for all K-6 grade students at this time, but we will continue to monitor our staffing and student counts and make a decision to move to full remote for those grade levels as we see the need.  As such, please be prepared for all of our students to move to full remote if the current trend continues. 
Starting Monday, November 16th, meal delivery will begin again for all of those students in grades 7-12 who previously signup up for meal delivery during our A/B schedule.  As such, if your 7-12 grade child received delivered meals during our A/B Schedule they will automatically be reinstated.  If your child did not receive those meals previously, but would like to take advantage now please email your name, address for drop off and number of students receiving meals to lunch@porta202.org and we will place you on a list for delivery.  As our 7-12 grade students move into full remote their schedules will not change, we will continue with the 2:00 pm dismissal.  Please remember 5th hour is prior to 4th hour and attendance is based on logging into your courses.  Also, please continue to self-certify on a daily basis and please call your principal if your child will not be able to remote learn for any reason.
In closing, I apologize that we are forced to make such a decision, it is certainly one that I do not take lightly, but we are at a point where we are unable to maintain an adult classroom presence in every classroom and as such must make this decision in the best interest of the district, our students and staff.  Thank you and as a follow up, the Jr/Sr High will begin full remote teaching on Monday November 16, 2020 with a return to in person learning planned for November 30, 2020.