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Remember to self-certify daily, even if your child is remote learning.  This allows us to understand the number of potential issues, contacts and need for quarantine.


If you have a student or adult in your household exhibiting COVID Symptoms, everyone in the household should quarantine until a negative COVID result can be shown. Your Doctor, the Health Department and our Nursing staff can help you determine quarantine length.


Remember to wear your mask, Social distance and wash your hands regularly.


COVID-19 Symptoms Include: Fever (100.4 or greater),Shortness of breath, New cough, Sore throat, New nasal congestion or runny nose, Nausea/Vomiting Diarrhea, New loss of taste or smell, Moderate to severe headache, Fatigue from unknown cause, Abdominal pain from unknown cause, Muscle or body aches


A High-Risk Exposure=Within six feet for more than 15 minutes throughout the course of the day to a known COVID-19-positive individual in the time frame from two days before until 10 days after the COVID-19-positive person’s symptoms started or person tested positive (if no symptoms). Example: Within three rows on a school bus; desks within six feet; riding in same car


Isolation=The person with symptoms must stay in their own bedroom/ bathroom with food brought to them starting on the day of the test (assume positive). If not independent or incapable of self-isolation (child, elderly with dementia, etc.) then attempt to limit the close contact with the symptomatic individual. If test is positive (or not done and therefore assumed to be positive), stay in isolation until completion of 10 days AND fever-free for 24 hours without fever-reducing medication AND all symptoms improving.


Quarantine is A waiting period for high exposure individuals without symptoms to see if symptoms develop. Quarantine is a minimum of 14 days, provided the individual remains asymptomatic and without new exposure. It begins on the last day of exposure to someone with COVID-19


COVID-19 positive in household? If other household members that were also in quarantine start to develop symptoms, the duration of quarantine for the asymptomatic individual will be more than 14 days. Stay home, wear mask if around other household members, increase handwashing and surface cleaning.