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145 School Districts, Including PORTA, Named as Defendants in Macoupin County Lawsuit.

Good Morning PORTA Family,

As you probably know, PORTA is one of 145 school districts named as defendants in a lawsuit filed in Macoupin County by Tom DeVore representing parents in each of those districts. It is our understanding that a hearing has been scheduled on a temporary restraining order for November 5, 2021. The restraining order focuses on the mask mandate and extended quarantine of students.  Until we learn the outcome of that hearing on November 5, 2021 the PORTA return to learn plan will remain in place and all current mandates will continue to be followed. When we learn the outcome of the temporary restraining order we will comply with those findings.  
In the meantime, it has already become evident that some of our community members are choosing sides and expressing their views of the proceedings. We welcome diverse perspectives on this very controversial issue and support our community in all their different views. We also ask that divergent sides remember to respectfully agree or disagree with each other and remember that your views, opinions and words are part of your children’s daily perspective and we all need to be aware of our students' mental and physical well-being.  We all have experienced stressors beyond the norm and those same issues impact our students and we need to be vigilant in protecting them from that stress.  Help students understand in a calm and intelligent manner that it is important to support your personal rights and beliefs and as U.S. Citizens we have the duty to weigh those rights vs common good.  Each of us has our own answer to those questions and it is important that our students are able to reason their beliefs as well, in a safe environment.  
As we learn more we will share that information and regardless of the outcome will continue to find ways to keep our students in school, learning, playing and enjoying PORTA Schools.  If you are interested in the actual filed lawsuit you can find it at this link, "Macoupin County Lawsuit".

Have a great weekend