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ART Room Fire and Remote Learning Update: November 23, 2021

I wish I could be delivering good news to all of our PORTA Parents this Holiday week, but unfortunately, we are being forced to extend our remote learning for grades 7-12 for an additional week.  For a multitude of reasons, the work required to open the building after the Art Room Fire last Tuesday will not be completed sufficiently to allow students and staff to return.  As such, November 29-December 3rd will be remote learning for all 7-12 grade students and we will continue to follow the current schedule and all students will be expected to report into each class as they have this past week.  If your child is having difficulty with internet connection, please have them contact the building principal and accommodations will be offered. 

As for events that will be occurring here at the High school, we will likely be adjusting the Fall Play and any home sporting events scheduled for the week of November 29th.  Participants will be contacted by Coaches and Sponsors in regards to changes in game and practice venues. 

Prior to students returning to in person learning the District and our Insurance carrier will ensure that air quality tests are completed and in good order to return and that all areas where students will have access will be safe.  Additionally, the Regional Office of Education will tour the building to evaluate if occupancy is warranted.  

Again, I apologize for any inconvenience, this has been a trying time for our students and staff and extremely frustrating for the administrative team and Board of Education.  We will continue to update our families as we learn more about our timelines and progress.  As always, if you have any questions or need help with connectivity please feel free to contact us and we will help in any way possible.