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PORTA JR/SR High Returning to In-Person Learning 12-06-21

PORTA Update 12-3-2021
Good news is somewhat more prevalent on this day so it might be a time to celebrate...a little.  Our 7-12 grade students will be back in the Jr/Sr High building on Monday December 6, 2021, for full in person learning.  Some areas will still be off limits and have been sealed off from the general public, students and staff.  At this time we will have full access to the entire building with the exception of the industrial tech area and the Gymnasium.  The gymnasium will be available during the week of Dec.6th at some point once final cleaning is completed in this area.  All industrial tech classrooms have been moved to open rooms for the remainder of the semester with the goal of returning to those classrooms after winter break. The Art room will not be completed until mid-second semester at best.  Throughout this entire process the district has maintained an onsite air quality specialist who monitors air quality.  Those reports are very good and in conjunction with a walk through by the district architect and Regional Office of Education today, Friday Dec. 3rd, we have clearance to allow occupancy of the building in the defined areas.  
So, what might you expect when you enter the Jr/Sr high?  In most of the areas you wouldn't know that the building was impacted by a fire, but occasionally in areas closer to ground zero there will be a slight smoke smell that is created when people enter or leave the containment area.  We will continue to monitor air quality throughout this restoration to insure that everyone is safe.  

Busing schedules will revert back to normal times for pickup and drop off as before the fire.

Other news in the District includes the beginning of the Shield testing on 12/9/2021 and each Thursday following this date.  As a reminder this testing is saliva based and is an opt-in only testing and is separate from our test to stay program.  Since it has taken an extraordinary amount of time to implement this program there are a few things to consider.  First, if you want to opt-out of the program or opt-in please contact your school nurse or send a note to the building principal or secretary indicating your choice.  Secondly, if your child has been vaccinated since you opted in, Shield will not test vaccinated students unless they have been in close contact with a positive case and are symptomatic.