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Wednesday Night Workshop!!

​“What Can I Do To Help?”
It’s a question we always ask, and sometimes it’s hard to find the answer. 
These teacher-led workshops are designed to give you some insight into school based activities that you can use at home to help your student. 
Held on the first Wednesday of each month, you are invited to come to our classrooms and work with us to come up with new and exciting ways to advance your student’s first classroom – your home!

Please come out and support your classroom teachers. They are giving their free time to help ensure your children succeed.

First Wednesday of Every Month

Petersburg Elementary School

6:30 – 7:00 PRE-K and K

7:00 – 7:30 1st and 2nd

(All are welcome to attend regardless of age group!)

Childcare provided!

“Getting to spend time in my child’s classroom opened my eyes to things I can try at home without making it seem like work!”
-Second Grade Parent (2016-2017)

Workshop Schedule
September 6
INTRO TO DOJO AND BACK TO SCHOOL Q&A Join Mrs. Kyes, Mrs. Wankel and other members of our staff for a night of getting to know our schoolwide behavior management program, ClassDojo.  This night of fun will help you make the most of the Dojo connection as well as give you a chance to ask staff any questions you might have!

October 4
FLUENCY FUN! Fluency isn’t just about speed, it’s about building strength as an oral and independent reader.  Learn how to find texts that are appropriate for your child, different skills to build their confidence as a reader and observe some classroom strategies that you can use at home or on the go. Pre-K and K families will learn how to master the alphabet and reading fundamentals, while families with older students learn how to develop speed and comprehension!  Mrs. Garner and staff will present this workshop.
November  1
MASTERING MATH FACTS  Join Miss Mountain and Miss Rita to brush up on fun and engaging ways to build math mastery at home.  You may even go home with supplies to help engage your child while helping them gain skills by using math everyday!  Math isn’t scary…come learn how to make it fun!

December 6
SPELLING TIPS AND TRICKS! Spelling is one of the most common ways we teach our students to study and learn at home, and something that will serve them well their entire lives!  But we can only write those words so many times.  Come to the classroom and play fun spelling games and activities that arm you with a bag of tricks that make spelling study feel like game time!  Join Mrs. Smith and staff for a night of spelling challenge fun!

 January 3
THINKING OUTSIDE THE BOX! Sometimes our students learn in ways that don’t fit into reading or math.  They are learning all the time and sometimes a challenge is just what they need!  Mrs. Hacke will discuss ways to encourage and enrich thinking in your student: create home-based projects and challenges and get them learning in their community.
 February 7
TECHNOLOGY HACKS! We all know the struggle of limiting screentime, but sometimes we can use technology to our advantage! Come play on our smartboards and ipads with Mrs. Thomas, and try your hand at some apps and websites that you can access at home to make the most of your students screentime.  Link your home technology to school and open up endless possibilities.

March 7
BUILDING RESPONSIBILITY! Some students work well when you are looking over their shoulder, but struggle to work independently.  How can we help them go out on their own to gain pride in their own work? Join Mrs. Beckerman and Mrs. Vincent to look at some different ways you can encourage growth in your student both academically and emotionally and let them show you what they are capable of!
May 2
SUMMER SLIDE STOPPERS! All students struggle to retain what they learn from year to year after taking a three month summer break!  Learn some ways you can engage them over the summer!  Find some resources that you can use to get materials at home or at school that will give you the tools to teach at home in ways that keep them excited about learning.