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Library Resource

Porta Jr./Sr. High School Online Resources

Below are usernames, passwords, and any other information that you may need to access and utilize these websites





Password: porta


To Use:

1.     Type your topic in the SEARCH bar.

2.     (OR) open the “Browse Topic” bar

3.     Click on “choose a category” to choose the area you would like to search




Password:  porta


1.              Select (check) Gale Opposing Viewpoints in Context

2.              Type your topic into the FIND bar.

3.              Click SEARCH.


FIRST SEARCH – Find books on our shelves or to Request a Book



·       Type a topic or title in to the search field and hit ENTER

·       Now you can click “Limit by” and choose books

·       Then click on the blue “More search options”

·       You can choose PORTA’s library under “Libraries”

·       You can limit the “Publication Dates” or exclude some

·       You can choose the “Target Audience” and “Language”

·       Once you choose a book, write down the title of the book and the author and email Mrs. Bell or bring it to her desk if you would like to order that book.

·       If you need help, ask Mrs. Bell or a library worker!     

Online Book Collection



Password: portacusd

·       Infectious Diseases and Conditions

·       Addictions And Substance Abuse

·       Civil Disobedience, Social Justice, Nationalism & Populism, Violent Demonstrations and Race Relations

·       Critical Survey of Mythology and Folklore

·       Critical Insights: Jane Austen

·       Critical Insights: Dracula

·       Critical Insights: Nathaniel Hawthorne

·       Critical Insights: Benjamin Franklin

·       Opinions Throughout History – Gender: Roles & Rights


New York Times Newspaper



To use at school, open access




To Use:

1.         Type your keywords in the search engine

2.         Anything that has HTML or PDF off to the right of the search results is available in full-text





1.         Type your keyword(s) in the box underneath “Articles.”

2.         Click “Search Articles.”

3.         ALL articles are full-text.



ERIC – Education Resources Information Center



1.         Click on “Advanced Search.”

2.         Type in your keyword(s).

3.         Select the box for Full Text Availability.

4.         Select publication date range of 2007-2018.

5.         Click “Search.”





1.     Place to locate opposing viewpoints on 43 controversial topics.

2.     Search the list of topics or type a search queue in the search window.


The Cavalcade o' Chemistry



If you love chemistry like Mr. Stier, you probably want to learn as much about it as you can. Fortunately, this site has plenty of tutorials, practice problems, textbooks, chili recipes, and YouTube silliness to keep you entertained.  Mr. Stier loves this site!

Library of Congress Website



Access virtual tours, listen to sound clips,  and explore a multitude of primary source documents and artifacts at this site for the Library of Congress.     


MLA Formatting


MLA formatting and style guides provided by Purdue University's on-line writing lab.


APA Formatting



APA formatting and style guides provided by Purdue University's on-line writing lab.


100 Useful Website for students, teachers and librarians!


A very complex list of websites that may be of use to you.


100 Useful Website for students, teachers and librarians!

1001fonts.com - free downloads to make your projects pop a little more

4shared.com - free 5 GB online storage and file sharing

Adobe Spark - a suite of tools to create presentations, posters,  videos, and websites

Awwapp.com - online interactive whiteboard

Bighugelabs.com - do cool stuff it hour digital photos from posters to magazine covers and more

Bingobaker.com - create and generate hundreds of random cards in PDF

Blockposters.com- take your personal images and create a huge poster through segmentation

Cacoo.com - timeline creator

Canva.com - make beautiful posters, social media graphics and presentations

Cell.ly - send text messages to students, parents and others without sharing your private number

Citationmachine.net - help with citations including APA and MLA

Classbadges.com - award virtual badges to students for their accomplishments

Classtools.net - free games, quizzes and activities for classrooms K-12

Code.org - create classes and teach students to code the easy way

Commoncraft.com - explainer videos for teaching and a library of cutouts

Commoncurriculum.com- online lesson planning where you can attach files, re-arrange lessons, collaborate

Coursera.org - online courses from top universities

Coverr.co- public domain stock videos. Seven new videos a week

Croak.it - record voice messages in three simple steps

Dipity.com - create, share, embed, collaborate on interactive timelines incorporating video, audio, image, text

Duolingo.com - language learning app

Easel.ly- create infographics from templates or on your own  

Easybib.com -help with citations including APA and MLA

Easypolls.net - create online polls for free.  Save them hen you create an account

Edweb.net - professional online networking via webinars for educators

Edutopia.com - online community dedicated to bringing quality resources to the K12 community of educators

Emaze.com - online presentation creator unlike standard presentation. Create attractive presentations Todoist.com - manage task/projects on and offline. Share tasks in a collaborative environment. Everystockphoto.com- Creative Commons photos

Evernote.com-save, share and work on documents across devices

Flippity.net - use Google spreadsheets to create flash cards

Fotor.com - create collages or seamlessly photo stitch images into one picture

Geogebra.org - dynamic math software for geometry, algebra, calculus, and statistics 

Getkahoot.com - create interactive games, polls, surveys

Pocket.com- save anything you want to see online for later.  Includes social media apps

Goo.gl - shortens URLs that can be tracked for statistics

Gosoapbox.com - student response system to check for understanding, play quizzes, and generate reports

Grammarbase.com- free grammar checker

Gutenberg.org - Project Gutenberg offers free e-books and audiobooks on copyright free works (like classics)

Hstry.co - interactive timeline includes quizzes, did you know sections. Add images/videos.  Kids can comment

Imagechef.com - use photos and texts to create a myriad of different products 

Imgflip.com/meme generator - use images, add text, create memes

Instapaper.com - save websites for future browsing. Perfect for research

Join.me - screen sharing with anyone on the web

Khanacademy.org -academic videos to learn almost anything

Kizoa.com - create videos with a multitude of options and no time limit

Knowledgehook.com- online game show that targets mathematics for all grade levels

Kwiksurveys.com - create unlimited surveys and polls

Libib.com -cloud based cataloging for beyond the library (think classroom libraries)

List.ly - curate and share lists as well as allow others to add to them

Makerbook.net - creative graphics

Marinaratimer.com - three different types of timers to help with classrooms

Meez.com - avatar creator

Mentormob.com - online community creating and providing lessons for skills and hobbies

Mindmeister.com - online software with great visualization

Mindomo.com - mind map creator that can be used as a presentation tool as well

Moovly.com - interesting and different approach to presentations based on cartoon images and hand actions

Morguefile.com- free digital photos for projects that doesn't require citations

Online-convert.com - convert most any type of file, videos, documents etc,  into different formats

Openbadges.me - create badges for websites and blogs

Pablobuffer.com- use an image provided or your own, add amazing text, share with the world

Panopen.com -open educational resources which include quizzes, videos, PowerPoint slides

Photosforclass.com- Creative Commons images with attribution

Photopeach.com- video creator with a twist-literally!

Photopin.com- Creative Commons images with easy to find attribution

Piktochart.com - create infographics that can be shared.  Has a presentation mode and are downloadable

Pixteller.com - create online posters

Popplet.com-  create a board to collaborate with others anywhere anytime

Presentation tube.com - record and share quality presentations with free recording and video sharing platform

Purple-planet.com - Creative Commons music for digital projects

Quizzizz.com - create and play multiplayer games

Quozio.com - create beautiful quotes

Readwritethink.org - classroom resources for K12 classrooms created by NCTE

Remind.com - send text reminders of class work to students and parents without sending your cell phone number.  Create chats or send to individuals as well

Ribbet.com - online image editor

Scoop.it - web curation tool to share information

Screencastomatic.com- captures your screen to create and share videos/tutorials

Showbie.com- teacher creates account which allows students to upload their work

Slidedog.com - multimedia tool that allows the user to bring in different types of media from documents to videos and more into one presentation

Slides carnival.com - free templates for Google Slides

Smore.com - create informational posters for organizations, schools, newsletters and more

Snapguide.com - discover and create how-to guides

Spiral.ac - suite of tools to make learning g more engaging.  Includes student response quizzes (quickfire) , interactive presentations (discuss), and group work/collaboration (team up)

Stich.it -  copy and paste web sites into the box, this site will “stitch” or curate them into one web address

Studyblue.com - crowd sourced site with academic flash cards and notes

Sway.com- create and share interactive presentations, personal stories, reports and more

Tackk.com - create pages for anything from online posters to presentations to specific pages you build by inputting information and links

Teachwithmovies.org movie clips with lesson plans

Thenounproject.com - downloadable icons of all types

Timetoast.com- interactive timelines to create and share

Tripline.net - interactive maps you create with images, dates, and descriptions

Twiddla.com - web based, no sign in needed to collaborate online

Tynker.com- programs games, Mindcraft Mods and more

Visibletweets.com - display tweets during a conference or meeting via unique hashtag to see what others are sharing

Voxer.com- text messages with voice, photos and videos to share with groups

Videonot.es -  synchronize videos with your notesto share.  Click on the note to jump to that particular part of the video. Syncs with Google Drive

Visme.co - only site that create infographics, presentations, reports, and web content

Wevideo.com - create quick videos with the free version

Whatshouldireadnext.com - type in a title and it will generate a list of similar titles and subjects

Wordpress.com - create a blog with a website look

Zaption.com - turn online videos into interactive learning experience you customize

Ziteboard.com - collaborate, brainstorm, create and plan with a whiteboard